How to Keep Your Career Going

In support of our members and helping them in the current economic situation, MPI launched the MPI Cares Program. This program is yet another way that MPI provides value to our community. Career Connections is the definitive, one-stop career resource for meeting and event professionals. Member companies get free job postings, and job seekers have a robust, easy-to-use, web-based tool to help them make their next career move. If you’ve been impacted by a layoff, or are worried about one, we’ve included tools for you as well.

To help you further prove the power of meetings and events, check out valuable MPI Industry Research. Share this within your organizations, your MPI chapters and with your clients. Related sessions from recent conferences and meetings are provided below for your further reference.

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Without you, we cant influence policy makers in Washington to make the right choices about the impacts to our industry.


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January 19, 2011